Abdollahian Trading Group

"Abdollahian Trading Group" entered the field of importing goods in 1995 in the field of importing and distributing electronic and industrial parts. The history of this business in the field of importing minerals and chemicals dates back to 1379 by importing industrial soils with the brand "Celite" from the American company "World Minerals". This business has been active in the field of cleaning and anti-fouling additives since 2008 and now represents the international company "Hudson", the French company "Imerys", and the companies "Skywalker", "Shengyang Mehco". , Shanghai Activated Carbon, Fenghong, Celotech in China. Currently, the company's main customers are vegetable oil industries, beverage and food factories, paint and industrial coatings industries, and manufacturers of construction mortars. The short-term goal of "Abdollahian Trading Group" is to provide quality goods to customers on time. Also, the long-term goal of the collection is to help improve quality standards, both in the field of consumables and in the field of service delivery in Iran.

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