Concrete lubricant and super concrete lubricant
(Superplasticizer) (polycarboxylate)
Concrete lubricant or concrete lubricant and concrete superplasticizer are among the chemical additives in concrete.
These types of additives are used to increase strength, durability, efficiency and reduce the cost of concrete. These materials are composed of specific organic components or a combination of organic and inorganic components that are used to reduce the water required by a mixture for a specific slump. Reducing the amount of water required may lead to a decrease in w / c + m for a given consistency (slump) and a constant amount of cement, and may increase the consistency or slump for a specified w / c + m and a fixed amount of cement, or under constant conditions. Being w / c + m and slump will lead to a reduction in cement consumption and consequently reduce costs. (ACI 212.3R)
This chemical product is used to improve the performance of concrete.
Concrete lubricants give lubricating properties to concrete and their chemical base is modified lignosulfonate. Concrete super-lubricating products, in addition to the lubricating properties they give to concrete, add different properties to concrete depending on the choice of product type.
Including retarding and slip retaining properties, retarding properties, making high-strength self-compacting concrete without the need for vibration, flow and concrete consistency while increasing the initial and final strength.
Concrete lubricants and concrete superplasticizers are organic compounds or mixtures of specific organic and inorganic compounds that reduce the water consumption of the concrete mix for the slump, and their behavior is such that it actually reduces the interparticle forces between The cement grains in the paste are fresh and thus increase the fluidity of the cement paste without having a noticeable effect on the surface tensile force of the water, so they can be used in larger quantities without creating more air bubbles and without creating additional air bubbles.

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