Celotech Chemicals Company is a manufacturer of cellulose derivatives in various fields of work and the company's attention is focused only on this type of products. Celotech provides services to many countries in the fields of building chemistry, paints, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and other fields. The company was founded in 2005 but has grown significantly. The annual production capacity of Celutec in China includes 15000MT of product with base (HPMC and MHEC) and in addition, 5000MT of cellulose product with base of HEC.

The geographical location of Celotech Trading and Sales Team is in Suzhou, East China. With the explanation that the production unit is in Shandong, all the analyzes and operational solutions for the production of quality products are presented in this place.
An important point in the service sector of Celotech is the allocation of independent and professional laboratories to develop the formulation of its customers. Cellotec's chain of customers covers the whole world, and the company supplies such cellulose derivatives globally.

Feng Hong
Zhejiang Feng Hong Company dates back to 1996. The history of this company goes back to the production of clay, which has been active in the production of bentonite for more than 30 years. The company has 3 large mines as well as 5 small bentonite mines. The area of ​​these mines reaches more than 500,000 square meters. And workshop buildings occupy 80,000 square meters. The total area includes the production of 50,000 tons of rheology additives as well as 200,000 tons of inorganic bentonite.

The company's production management system is very serious and accurate and has the ISO 9001 quality control standard, ISO 14001 environmental management standard and the ISO 18001 security system standard. This company is one of the key and prominent international companies of Huzhou city. In fact, it can be said that Feng Hong is the top brand of Zhejiang, as the chairman of the professional committee of bentonite in China's non-ionic mining industry, the standard provider Is the national of China.
The goals of this company are to carry out and implement two national projects, including the national torch plan and the science and technology innovation plan for small and medium-sized companies. It should be noted that this company has the first and third rank of technical progress in Zhejiang, as well as the second rank of national technical progress and also the second rank of technological progress in petrochemical industries. The products of this company in paint industries, Print ink, drilling oil, grease, materials engineering, metallurgical projects, chemicals, and geology are used. All Feng Hong products are sold in 28 regions. And it is exported to more than 20 countries and regions in South Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East. It is interesting to note that this company has a 65% share of China's trade and is the largest production Is a manufacturer of rheology additives in Asia and also one of the top three manufacturers of such additives in the world.

Shanghai Activated Carbon Manufacturing Company was established in the mid-1940s and is the first manufacturer of activated carbon in China. SHHxtc is a subsidiary of burnt coal and chemical companies headquartered in China. The company has 12 production departments and several service and sales centers to provide solutions and great offers in the industries of air purification, water purification, refining of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. For food and beverage decolorization, SSHXTC with years of experience in the industry of production, research and development, has the ability to offer and offer more than 30 types of activated carbon This has made the company the largest producer of activated carbon in China. Responsible for carbon technology.