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DEFOAM-DF03 Building Chemistry
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The problem of foam and bubbles is one of the dozens of defects threatening the quality of a paint product, which in addition to creating a delicate appearance, also reduces the life of the paint layer. The problem of bubbles in water-based products and has a greater impact that in addition to the (generally) high viscosity of these products, is mostly due to the presence of surfactants used in the manufacture of water-based resins, these materials stabilize the air entering the product , When produced.

Diffomers are chemicals that remove foams created during a chemical process.
This material is highly compatible with a variety of powders and water-based systems. And it prevents a series of side effects such as stains. Very high efficiency is another feature of this material. This product is completely non-ionic, which can be used in all anionic, cationic, and non-ionic systems. The application of this material in leveling mortars, dry putty powder, cement bonding.