Any clay that has the ability to decolorize oil or other liquids without the need for another chemical is called fuller earth. This clay mainly contains bentonite or attapulgite.
The name fuller is derived from the fact that in ancient Egypt, textile workers (so-called fullers) used this clay to wash wool and absorb impurities and excess fat.
An ancient Egyptian papyrus (3000 BC) mentions ingredients such as baking soda, caustic soda, clay, and so on around the ingredients of washing powder.

In the Indian subcontinent, excavator is used to clean marble, due to its high absorption, it removes surface dust and is very suitable for staining, scaling and removing impurities. As it makes marble shine, this material has been used several times to clean marble and has had positive results.

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CANSIL-B700 Oil and gas and petrochemical, food industry
CANSIL-B710 Oil and gas and petrochemical, food industry
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